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Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington 2008 Art History major


2015 solo exhibition "details & fragments : realistic and geometric birds by annie moorhead" University of Washington Odegaard Undergraduate Library

artist statement

My process begins with conscientious time spent outdoors with my subjects, observing behaviors, expressions, and details and capturing images for reference. Upon returning to my studio, I draw the chosen bird in pencil then apply watercolor paint in varying layers and transparencies for depth, including as much detail as possible for an accurate rendering of the subject. For geometric birds, I freehand in the triangles without using a straightedge or masking fluid, only following the pattern of the feathers. For pencil and ink pieces, I draw the outline and any distinguishing characteristics in pencil, then ink the lines that I feel best represent the bird as a whole. In all of my work, minimalism, simplicity and detail are the aesthetic mediums I choose to communicate the beauty and importance of birds.