newly hatched

Once again, spring is here. And like all things blooming and growing, so too do I feel like something emerging from a long winter's sleep. Unlike most web-loggers out there, I've never felt comfortable with the words I write, I've never felt the great need to make my voice heard. But shy and hesitant as I am, I want to flex my wings and make an effort to share things with you. Stories, if you will. Every day I receive some exquisite gift from nature, some moment of discovery or joy, and I grow weary of keeping them all to myself. So if you're a friend, a fellow artist, birder, nature enthusiast, or just love beautiful things, I hope you'll enjoy these small chirps of mine. It might take me some time to find my voice, to trust the words I type, but I have to start, and I think I'll start here with you.